3 Day Pass

3 Day Pass
De la AUD 210,00 A$
  • Durata: 3 Zile (aprox.)
  • Locatie: Yulara, NT
  • Cod produs: 3D

Three day pass entitles guest to visit and enjoy Uluru (Ayers Rock) unlimited times for a full 3 calendar days (sunrise to sunset). This 3 day pass also entitles the guest to do 2 Kata Tjuta (Olgas) visits within the duration of this 3 day pass.

Pick up and return times to and from your Hotel vary every month so
please print a timetable or get one from your driver or Hotel reception.

Please email us at sales@uluruhoponhopoff.com.au  and let us know which transfer times you want to go on from the resort